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Home made foie gras with side dish of season 22.00€

The variation of home made terrine foie gras 25.00 €

(Goose and duck)

Home made terrine of venison with peppercrust , vegetables pickles and green salad 18.00€

12 escargots 17.00 €

Burger of home made smoked salmon tartar, red onions, wasabi cream 22.00 €

Frogs' legs with butter und garlic sauce 18.00 €

Tartar of scalopps and dried ham, salad of Rocket 24.00€

Half-cooked Tunafish tataki with sésame, crunchy chinese salad and gel of mango 24.00€


Roasted shrimps, Paëlla Rice, sauce of Piquillos 26.00 €

Filet of bass, risotto of fennel and candied lemon 28.00 €

Trout roasted with almonds 18.50/20.00€

Candied salmon, summer vegetables, anchovy, roasted potatoes on fresh thyme 26.00 €

Poched filet of pike perch, rook vegetables, spinach and butter noodles 26.00€

Roasted scalops, célery duo, buttons of artichoke 26.00 €


Veal kidneys with mushrooms, mustard auce, home made pasta 21.00€

Boned and stuffed quail with mixed vegatables and pommes dauphines 24.00 €

Château Braind for 2 persons( 600grs), bearnaise sauce, pommes dauphines 60.00 €

Rack of lamb in herbs crust, candied potatoes, vegtables on orient flavors, chickpea mousseline 28.00

Roasted can's breast , wok of Thai vegetables, crispy rice tart 26.00

Filet of beef, Bearnaise or Peppersauce, mixed season vegetables, pommes dauphines 28.50


Vanilla crème brulée, sorbet of mango, tartar of ananas-mango 12.00€


Raspberry sorbet with Raspberry schnaps 10 €

Lemon sorbet with Marc of Gewürtztraminer 10 €

Mixed plate of cheese 12.00 €


Mixed Ice cream and sorbet with meringue 10.00€

Apricot jam, ice cream, rosemary cream, corn praline and a duo of Korn Flakes 12.00€

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