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Home made foie gras with side dish of season 25.00€

Home made terrine of venison with peppercrust , mushroom salad 19.00€

12 escargots 18.00 €

Smoked salmon burger, potato pancake, glasswort and dill sauce 24.00 €

Frogs' legs with butter und garlic sauce 21.00 €

Oyster and scallop tartare, leek vinaigrette, apple gel, crumble and lamb's lettuce salad 25.00€

Smoked duck breast, Thai vegetable stew, perfect egg, sesame tuile 23.00€

Warm goat cheese in puff pastry and fig puree, caramelized lettuce, walnut vinaigrette 22.00€


Duo of scallops and prawns, candied fennel with spices, citrus fruits, celery puree, curry sauce 30.00 €

Roasted lean fillet, creamy parsnip and candied artichokes, rice cake, fish sauce 28.00 €

Trout roasted with almonds 19.00/21.00€

Poached pike perch, mashed potatoes and leeks, marrow quenelle, horseradish sauce, roasted baconFilet of pike perch, roasted white cheese gnocchis wit 27.00€

Roasted scalops, mix of candied fennel and vegetables, roasted potatoes with thyme 28.00 €

Salmon steak, mushroom, chestnut and spinach risotto, butternut coulis 28.00


Veal kidneys with mushrooms, mustard auce, home made pasta 21.00€

Boned and stuffed quail with mixed vegatables and potato pancake 25.00 €

Provencal beef tartar, rocked salad, Parmesan und french fries 28.00 €

Candied Duck leg, bed of sauerkraut, roasted potatoes 28.00

Filet of beef, pepper or béarnaise sauce, vegetables, dauphine potatoes 31.00€

Filet of veal with ceps cream, season vegetables, homemade Spaetzle 28.50€

Meunière veal sweetbread cutlet, baby spinach, mashed potatoes 30.00

Château Briand, season vegetables, Béarnaise sauce, dauphine potatoes 65.00

Deer filet mignon with cream, homemade spaetzle 30.00


Vanilla crème brûlée, pear compote, anise cream, caramelized cinnamon ice cream 12.00€

Half cooked biscuit with Valhrona chocolate, candied oranges, orange sorbet, dark chocolate mousse 12.00€

Raspberry sorbet with Raspberry schnaps 10 €

Lemon sorbet with Marc of Gewürtztraminer 10 €

Mixed plate of cheese 12.00 €

Exotic temptation: Mango and pineapple tartare, exotic gazpacho, mango sorbet, coconut crumble 12.00€

Mixed Ice cream and sorbet with meringue 10.00€

Caramelized apples, Breton shortbread, apple gel, cottage cheese ice cream, salted butter caramel 12.00€

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