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Home made foie gras with side dish of season 22.00€

The variation of home made terrine foie gras 24.00 €

(Goose and duck)

Home made terrine of venison 17.00€

12 escargots 16.00 €

Home made smoked salmon stuffed with white cheese on aromats, fennel chantilly and roasted potatoes 23.00 €

Frogs' legs with butter und garlic sauce 17 €

Burger of summer vegetables served with filet of red mullet just grilled 20.00€

Roasted shrimps, cream of avocado, citrus fruit and peperoni dressing 22.00€

Carpaccio of Serrano ham, Mozzarella Buffala, tartar of tomato and salad 18.00€


Pluma from porc of Spain, crushed potatoes on chorizo and mixed vegetables 25.00€

Veal kidneys with mushrooms in mustard sauce with pasta 20.00 €

Boned and stuffed quail with mixed vegatables and pommes dauphines 23.00 €

Chateau Briand for 2 persons with sauce bearnaise and mixed vegetables 58.00 €

Filet of beef with bearnaise sauce or pepper sauce, pommes dauphines 27.00 €

Roasted lamb square in herbs cruises, eggplant caviar, gratin of potatoes 24.00€

Roasted filet of veal, risotto of pasta and vegetables 26.00

Roasted breast of schicken Label Rouge d'Alsace, cannellonis stuffed with spinach and Ricotta, gratined with Parmesan 28.00


Filet of roasted salmon, risotto of perl bearl, with almonds, apricots and olives 26.00 €

Filet of sea bream, raviole of kokonut milk stuffed with mussels, crushed potatoes with fresh herbs 25.00 €

Filet of bass, with Linguinis on Garlic pesto, and peperonis stuffed with Summervegetables 27.00 €

Trout roasted with almonds 17.50-19.00€

Duo of roasted scalops and shrimps, wok of vegetables, Soba noodles and sauce of curry 27.00 €

Roasted pike perch filet with gnocchis, sauce of herbs, fennel und green salad 24.00€


The vanilla crème brulée with mango sorbet and fruit salad 10.00€

Tartare de fruits exotiques, Sorbet Mangue

Middle cooked biscuit of chocolate with coffee ice cream 10€

Parfait au Café, Sauce vanille

Chocolate shell, caramel heart and vanilla ice cream, Espuma coffee and caramelized almonds tentation 12.00€

Apple sorbet with Calvados 10 €

Raspberry sorbet with Raspberry schnaps 10 €

Lemon sorbet with Marc of Gewürtztraminer 10 €

Mixed plate of cheese 12.00 €

DELICE FRAISE »Creamy white-lemon chocolate, madeleine biscuit, strawberry and lime cubes, mint ice cream: Creamy dark chocolate 12.00€

Modern inspiration for the Black Forest cherry tort 10.00€

Variation of small sweet dedicacies 12 €

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