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Home made foie gras with side dish of season 23.00€

The variation of home made terrine foie gras 26.00 €

(Goose and duck)

Home made terrine of venison with peppercrust , vegetables pickles and green salad 19.00€

12 escargots 17.00 €

Home made smoked salmon, pickles of red onions, fennel and salad 24.00 €

Frogs' legs with butter und garlic sauce 18.00 €

Hot goad cheese, with garlic butter, crispy bacon cubs and salad 19.00€

Smoked trout filet, panacotta with herbs, pancakes, salad of beans and girolles 22.00€

dome of cabbage stuffed with vegetables, Comte and Walnuts, Salad and Comte crumble 19.00€


Roasted shrimps, Butternut and spinach risotto, pumpkin sauce 27.00 €

Filet of cod fish, candied chicory, sweet potatoe purée 28.00 €

Trout roasted with almonds 18.50/20.00€

Filet of pike perch, winter vegetables, white cheese quenelle, horseradisch sauce 26.00€

Roasted scalops, leek fondue, parsnip mousseline, mushroom emulsion 28.00 €


Veal kidneys with mushrooms, mustard auce, home made pasta 21.00€

Boned and stuffed quail with mixed vegatables and pommes dauphines 25.00 €

Château Braind for 2 persons( 600grs), bearnaise sauce, pommes dauphines 60.00 €

Filet of wild boar with mushroom in creamsauce, home made pasta 28.00

Roasted breast of poultry Label Rouge Alsace, Season vegetables, potato pancake 27.00

Filet of beef, Bearnaise or Peppersauce, mixed season vegetables, pommes dauphines 29.50€

Filet of veal with porcini muhrooms in cream sauce, season vegetables, home made pasta 28.00€

Roasted pork filets, vegtables wok, Soba noodles, curry sauce 26.00€


Vanilla crème brulée, sorbet of mango, tartar of ananas-mango 12.00€

Half cooked biscuit of chocolate, tonka bean cream, sorbet of grapefruit 12.00€

Raspberry sorbet with Raspberry schnaps 10 €

Lemon sorbet with Marc of Gewürtztraminer 10 €

Mixed plate of cheese 12.00 €

Variation of orange: Bitter orange purée, light orange cream, caramelized cinamon ice cream, chocolate crumble, blood orange juice 10.00€

Mixed Ice cream and sorbet with meringue 10.00€

Candy Pear-caramel: poached pear, crispy buttertort, chocolate mousse, caramel ice cream, pear juice with anise 12.00€

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